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property management visual alarm monitoring

Property Management with Solar Surveillance


Self-Sustained Solution:

Are you looking for a self-contained solution that can function in multiple locations, work day and night, and has a renewable power supply? Then Solar Powered Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers are just what you are looking for. Featuring components such as

  • Long lasting Internal battery system

  • High-efficiency Solar panels

  • HD Camera systems

  • Inbuilt Alarms

  • Solid-body construction

  • And so much more

Apartment Complex Security Cameras Alarm Verification.jpeg
SST 900.png

Wide coverage area.

When you need secure coverage of your properties, be it the parking structures, mall entrances/exits, commercial properties, or even residential home plots. To give that extra layer of security around the premise then our mobile solution is just right for you. Our system is also perfect for sports fields, arenas, and outdoor recreational centers.

Fully Featured Setup:

Our Solar Powered Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers come jampacked with top-of-the-line hardware and all the features you need to secure a location and act as an alarm system to ward against thieves and criminals. With units sporting such features and options such as:

  • 24/7 Central Station Monitored Powered by CHeKT

  • 24/7 Cloud Management

  • Alarm Notification

  • IR or White Lighting

  • Secure Remote Connectivity

  • Thermal Analytics

  • Powered by Flir

  • Strobe Warning

  • License Plate Capture Options

  • Ultra-high definition cameras


Deploy where and when needed:

Because each unit is self-sustained and mobile, it can be moved around to and from one property to another or adjusted for better coverage of dynamically prioritized locations as needed. Plus its rigidity ensures that once it's placed at a location, it can not easily be moved or displaced with the deployment of its ground pegs and mounts.

But it doesn’t just end there, each unit is also solar-powered with an internal long-lasting battery array that ensures a robust operational timeframe even in the dead of night.


Threat detection and Alarm System

We understand that a good security system enables you to prevent crime in the first place or aids in the apprehension of such criminals. With features like Pre and post-alarms even video snippets that let you see what happens before and after each alarm, and other functions such as SMS alarm verification response and live video alarm feed. Not only are you able to log each event, set off the alarm, and give out notifications on each event but there is the option of having a license plate capture that can be a game changer in apprehending such criminals. 

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