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home building visual alarm monitoring

Most construction sites are usually a beehive of activities with men working with construction materials and deliveries being dropped off periodically, and sometimes even at odd hours. This can be a logistical nightmare to keep track of all available materials and items being used, leftovers, spare parts, and more, not to mention, such sites are good targets for theft and vandalization. 

The most recently released statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register reveal the cost of construction site crime to be between $300m and $1b annually. Two-thirds of construction sites suffer from theft, according to a recent survey. Worse yet, sites recovered less than 25% of the stolen goods

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Mobile Falcon Surveillance Trailer Security Alarm.png

The  Solar Powered Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers, by Solar Surveillance, is an effective way to protect your home construction site from vandalism and theft. By installing the unit(s) within the property, you can deter would-be criminals and catch them in the act if they do strike. The system is also an effective way to validate contractor working schedule, delivery or construction materials such as steel, wood, etc, as well as timestamp workers' hours.

The most commonly stolen items from construction sites are lumber, copper (and other metals), small/hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery. With most thefts occur in laydown areas or areas where the equipment spends most of its time. A high volume of theft occurs in areas without security coverage. The in-built alarm system is perfect for guarding materials storage and dumps especially during non-working hours. It lets would-be thieves know that their actions are being monitored and recorded. If need be the system can notify law enforcement of the intrusion in real time. This feature makes the Video Alarm monitoring system a valuable tool in the chaotic environment that are construction sites.

But the advantages don’t just stop there, here at Solar Surveillance we understand that each site and use case is different, and most home construction sites change and adapt as the work progresses and priorities change. The inherent mobility of the unit allows for quick and easy adjustment to its location as needed. The mobile unit not only has dedicated wheels that allow for easy movement but a trailer hook so it can easily be attached to the back of a truck and shifted to where needed with minimal effort. 


It doesn't end there, as each unit is equipped with stabilizing ground pegs that allow for stable and balanced deployment. So it stays where it's placed just as securely as a ground-mounted unit. The build quality of our mobile units is also without compromise. This allows for deployment in a variety of weather and environmental conditions with full operability.


In summary, the Solar Powered Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer is a complete alarm solution. With the excellent build quality and highly sensitive surveillance equipment, and is easily mobilized as needed. It would be the perfect addition to protect and secure your construction site.


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