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stadium visual alarm monitoring

trailblazing security for stadiums

Chaos at large gatherings such as stadiums can be hard to control or avoid, especially when you have passionate fans cheering for their favorite teams. And as you’d expect, this can lead to a number of issues and incidents, however, you want people to feel a sense of security at each event and be able to control the situation as needed. But there’s only so much that fixed cameras can cover, especially outside the stadium, without leaving blind spots. And that’s why you need Solar Surveillance mobile units with remote video monitoring capabilities.

Stadium Security Alarm.jpeg

digital perimeter

It can be counterproductive to fence an entire stadium when it’s not in use. Yet you still see the need to monitor such large spaces. What you then need is a cost-effective mobile intelligent surveillance and alarm system. The Solar Surveillance approach perform several intelligent solutions making them the industries leading solution. Besides having ultra high definition cameras, its arsenal of tools perform a range of functions that are ideal in large stadium usage. Here’s a look at some of them:

SST 1200.png
  • Strobe lights to coordinate gathering during emergencies

  • Notification alarms triggered by ai

  • 24/7 operation thanks to long-lasting solar panels and batterys

  • Serve as deterrence against criminals

  • Increase the operational efficiency of security personnel

  • Ultra-high-definition cameras for clear monitoring even at night

  • Secure remote connection for on-the-go monitoring

deter unwanted visitors

When it comes to preventing unauthorized access to stadiums, it goes beyond setting up typical CCTV solutions. While monitoring from the control room is useful, it sometimes can be a herculean task having to monitor a whole lot of views. And it gets harder with an increase in the number of cameras. So, whats the alternative?

Thanks to Solar Surveillance, with the use of automation and broad range ai, stadium security gets supercharged with extra abilities. And that’s not all. Because our mobile solutions can be fitted with smart sensors like thermal analytics (powered by Flir), alarms can be triggered when there’s trespassing, thereby alerting personnel on what parts of the stadium require attention. And when it comes to apprehension, you can trust the cloud feed uploaded by our units to aid your investigation.


employee monitoring

The application of Solar Surveillance can be flexible, going beyond crime prevention and security. Solar Surveillance can also be used to measure operational efficiencies. While stadium security still has responsibilities to patrol, recordings from our mobile units can help identify who was where and when as a measure of how duties are discharged. So, you can see when and where workers go from your mobile device.

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