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illegal dumping visual alarm monitoring

prevent and stop illegal dumping

illegal dumping is costly

Wherever they are found, illegal dumping sites present a bad image. They are sometimes indicators of poor or bad governance. And for many years, it’s been rather difficult to bring culprits to justice, at least to serve as a deterrent to others. Regardless of the fines, reports have shown that yearly, illegal dumping still costs taxpayers millions of dollars to clean up. Luckily, Solar Surveillance mobile units are the right response.

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health and environmental hazards

While the dumping of regular wastes can still pose significant health hazards, companies looking to avoid paying huge fees for their industrial and chemical wastes often consider illegal dumping. As expected, the environmental and health impacts are much worse. Disease outbreaks, polluted water, and, disturbed ecosystems, are ing effects. For so long, cities and states have only responded to this menace with security guards and fixed cameras.

While the former is exposed to life-threatening diseases, the latter becomes rather inadequate. Thankfully, our solar-powered solutions are engineered to give you the best of both worlds. For instance, the mobile and wireless nature of our solution means they can be deployed strategically and eliminate blind spots. Thanks to cloud technology, sites can be monitored from remote locations without having to expose anyone to health hazards, which also reduces associated labor costs. In addition, the UHD cameras have license plate capture capabilities, which become evidence for apprehension.

deployed in minutes

Choosing our Solar Surveillance means you get a solar-powered, cost-effective, and particularly easily deployable, solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing security protocols and systems. We are convinced that end-user technology should not be a hassle. So, we have eliminated the need for cables and technicians with a streamlined process of fewer than 30 minutes.


easy mobility

Most retail spaces are multi-use, meaning they can be configured for multiple functions, events, or situations. Our Solar Powered Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer allows for easy migration to best fit the reconfiguration of your retail space. Allowing for more precise control without the need for additional hardware or losing coverage range or angles due to temporary structures. 

Equipped with a trailer attachment arm and secured ground pegs, each unit can be moved to its desired location and will remain in place even though harsh environmental situations.


feature rich with latest tech

Our solution boasting such features such as:

  • Live video of event cameras 

  • SMS Alarm Verification Response

  • Encrypted Video Transmission System

  • Cloud-based Event Storage

  • Interactive Video Monitoring Site Map

  • Video Health Monitoring/Supervision

  • And Much More…

It's easy to see Solar Surveillance units are a total package that is well suited to monitoring and surveilling retail spaces. And best yet is the low latency response to deliver in real-time accurate and mission-critical notifications and alarms.

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